Past Projects

See below for examples of past projects in Research and Evaluation, Communication for Social Change, Training and other areas.

Research & Evaluation

Design for Sharing

Design for Sharing researched local sharing practices in order to inform technology design intended to support local sharing; by sharing practices we mean things like sharing spaces, skills, food, transport and objects (like tools) but also how people share care and responsibility locally.  We have been looking at sharing in one ward in South East London to build up a picture of how people actually go about sharing and what place it holds in their lives locally or otherwise;  to investigate the range of formal and informal projects and activities on all kinds of scale.

We also looked at existing examples of projects that use digital technology to support sharing and in the context of what has become known as the Sharing Economy

The publication resulted in a publication intended to be useful for people involved in sharing projects as well as informing design practices.

This project was led by Professor Ann Light at Northumbria University and funded by the ESPRC Digital Economy Social Sustainability Network.

Reverent Actions/Effectiveness in Action (2013 -2014)

As Senior Research Fellow, I coordinated and led on research methods and outputs for Reverent Actions  a co-designed research project exploring what motivates and nourishes people involved in community action.  With the School of Design, Northumbria University, UK working with community investigators based across England. Funded by the AHRC Connected Communities programme.

The project produced a book – Everyday Disruptions.

Women learning to use cameras as part of the Depicting Injustice research project. Gaza 2010

Women learning to use cameras as part of the Depicting Injustice research project. Gaza 2010

Literature Review – Co-design and participatory design (2013)

Scoping, preparation and delivery of a literature review and bibliography mapping the territory of current and recent discourse around the field of participatory design and co-design.  For Digital Cultures Research Centre, University of the West of England, UK.

Keeping In Touch (2011)

As Research Consultant on this AHRC Connected Communities Scoping Study I examined the use of everyday technologies in ‘community-strengthening’ activity in the UK.  I led on the production of a research report and on case studies to identify good practice in supporting community strengthening through the use of everyday communication technology, which in turn informed a handbook for community activists.  With Digital Cultures Research Centre, University of the West of England, UK and Knowle West Media Centre.

Depicting Injustice (2010)

This ground-breaking research project investigated how the subjects of photography for humanitarian organisations feel about their depiction and about the use of these photographs. Working with Siobhan Warrington, I designed the qualitative research methodology, including participatory photography and methods designed specifically to work with children; recruited and supported local research teams; piloted and conducted field research in Gaza; analysed results; and produced a research report which has impacted on Save the Children’s communication policies.  With Save the Children, UK & Panos London.  Gaza Strip, Palestine; Delhi, India; Dadaab Refugee Camp, Kenya; Mazar I Sharif, Afghanistan.

The Bristol Project (2008-2010)

Designed and facilitated a participatory communication and research process to enable young people with cognitive and emotional communication difficulties to research and co-produce a film about the experiences and needs of young people with speech, language and communication needs. The project resulted in a 20 min film, The Bristol Project, which is used in training and awareness-raising for teachers, therapists and trainees across the UK.  With Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit, North Bristol NHS Trust and  Brook Lapping Productions.


Communication for Social Change

Change Starts Here (2013)

A three-day workshop for human rights activists working with highly sensitive issues in a closed society. I designed and facilitated workshop sessions to build understanding and skills in using drama and media techniques to explore and address civil society rights issues in closed societies including children’s rights and protection.  During the workshop we developed pilot project ideas that were then pitched to a major donor.  With Small Media /New Media Networks, UK

Digital Storytelling (2013)  

Working with Practical Action Consulting’s international team to build capacity in participatory media approaches, specifically digital storytelling; including a taster workshop and a bespoke guide to digital storytelling methods.  With Practical Action Consulting, UK

Beyond Consultation (2009-2012)

Designed and implemented innovative patient engagement project (funded by UK Department of Health) in which African migrants living with HIV were involved in shaping more inclusive, equitable and responsive health services in South London. Produced a guide for health commissioners on effective and inclusive public engagement processes.  With Panos London and  Naz Project London.

Digital Storytelling with the YP Foundation, Delhi (2009)

I facilitated a workshop with the staff of The Youth Parliament Foundation, New Delhi, to make digital stories about their organisation and roles within it.  With the Center for Digital Storytelling,  YP Foundation and Global Fund for Children.

The Gathering (2008)  

Participatory media training at  The Gathering , Mali 2009 (with Dani Landau and Abu Bakar Jalloh)

Participatory media training at The Gathering , Mali 2009 (with Dani Landau and Abu Bakar Jalloh)

Working with Dani Landau, I designed and delivered a four-day participatory communication workshop for international youth volunteers from International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescents as part of the Youth as Agents of Behavioural Change (YABC) project.  Also co-produced a 20 minute film about the YABC approach.  With International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescents, Mali.

Destination Unknown (2008)  

Designed and delivered this participatory media project including methodology  design, workshop facilitation, media training and participant mentoring. The project enabled African Migrants living with HIV who were at risk of deportation to countries where they would not have access to treatment to produce digital stories about their experiences as migrants living with HIV. I also commissioned additional photography and stories in Zambia and Zimbabwe with people who had been deported. The resulting exhibition and digital stories have been used in individual asylum hearings and to raise awareness at Scottish, UK and EU parliaments.  With African HIV Policy Network and Panos London. UK, Zambia, Zimbabwe.


Oral Testimony Training (2013)  

Oral Testimony Interview Training, Maputo 2013

Trained Mozambican HIV activists with no prior research experience to conduct and document oral testimony interviews as part of the Stigma Index Project, which provides a tool that detects and measures changing trends in relation to stigma and discrimination experienced by people living with HIV. With Oral Testimony Works, IPPF and National Network of Associations of People Living with HIV/AIDS (RENSIDA), Mozambique.  http://www.stigmaindex.org

18 Summers (2010)

14  people aged over 50 travelled to the Watershed in Bristol to make digital stories about the Summer they turned 18.   I co-facilitated a week long workshop where they developed skills in story development and digital media production through producing a digital story.  With the Watershed Media Centre, Bristol, UK.  Funded by European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme.



‘Trust me I’m a Scientist’ (2013)

Collaborative design, facilitation and documentation of a four-day workshop with representatives from the Wellcome Trust’s Major Overseas Programmes using participatory approaches to explore relationships and trust in public engagement with science.  I supported workshop participants to produce digital stories on the theme of trust.  We produced a report of the workshop exploring key issues in trust and public engagement.  Wellcome Trust’s Fifth International Engagement Workshop, UK

 The Power of Participatory Communication Approaches: Amplifying Voices and Empowering People Affected By AIDS (2010)

Designed and delivered workshop for 100+ people at the  XVIII International AIDS Conference, Vienna , Austria.  With Panos London.

Mobile and pervasive media (2010)

Designed and delivered a bespoke one-day training workshop for staff from Fjord Design, UK and Nokia, Finland. The workshop supported design professionals to explore the social and economic potential of leading edge mobile and pervasive media and communications technology including internet enabled objects.  For Fjord Design, London, UK.

L8R (2006-2009)

L8R was the first online interactive educational drama on British television.  As content producer I developed, tested and ensured consistency of content across this multi-platform project which included broadcast drama; online discussion spaces; teaching materials; user-generated content; real-time peer mentoring; and extensions into social media platforms. I contributed to the BAFTA award winning redesign of the website for the project and developed a social media strategy. L8R, which focused on sex, relationships and life skills, was used in schools and youth facilities across the UK.  With Hi8us South, UK.

 Network and Knowledge Coordinator, Creative Exchange UK (2007-2008)

Coordinated the Creative Exchange network of partners and managed research, communication, documentation and evaluation for multi-country projects on different aspects of the role of culture in development. Responsible for the Creative Exchange website and publications. Coordinated specialist network of 60 international partners for HIV/AIDS: The Creative Challenge.  Wrote and edited publications aimed to improve the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS prevention and coping strategies through valuing local cultures and employing culturally sensitive approaches to education, information sharing and communication. Funded by UK Dept for International Development.


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