About Clodagh Miskelly

I am researcher and evaluator with over two decades of experience working with the public and charitable sectors who returned to working as a freelance consultant in early 2019 after four years in senior managerial roles in international agencies.

I have a strong track record in designing approaches to evaluating and learning from complex and sensitive work, including peacebuilding.  That includes ten years’ experience of coordinating interdisciplinary teams on multi-country research, communication and evaluation projects and in the design and management of multi-site research projects and extensive work in research and communication processes for and with seldom heard groups to address sensitive issues.

Most recently I have led on the development of strategic level planning, evaluation, learning and accountability, in particular impact evaluation.

I have wide-ranging experience in the design, management and delivery of tailored consultancy on the ethics of representation and participation; the role of culture in development and social change; and public engagement and co-production.

My experience cuts across different sectors including conflict transformation and peacebuilding; sexual health and rights; public health; migration; public engagement; advocacy; cohesion; children and young people; disability; ICT for development; urban planning; and citizenship education.

I have worked extensively with groups or communities to address social change issues usually in partnership with NGOs, public sector or academic institutions.  This might involve collaborative research to find out more about a particular issue, building dialogue with institutions or other groups to explore ways to make change or building up communication skills and strategies to help convey experience, concerns, needs or ideas.

I also undertake research and evaluation projects that help inform social change through building evidence and sharing learning that can inform service or technology design or strategies for communities or activists.

I provide a range of related research, communication and training services.

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