Current Projects – May/June 2014

South East London HIV Community Research Partnership

The South East London HIV Community Research Partnership is run by METRO and the University of Greenwich. It is an initiative involving community volunteers to carry out peer research on the issues and concerns of people living with or affected by HIV in SE London, and to influence local services and policies.  The aim is to empower communities to produce their own research evidence on what works and what people want in relation to their local services.

I’m working with Greenwich University to develop the partnership in a pilot research project looking at ageing with HIV and beyond that to develop an ongoing community based research network.

Design for Sharing

Design for Sharing researched local sharing practices in order to inform technology design intended to support local sharing; by sharing practices we mean things like sharing spaces, skills, food, transport and objects (like tools) but also how people share care and responsibility locally.  We have been looking at sharing in one ward in South East London to build up a picture of how people actually go about sharing and what place it holds in their lives locally or otherwise;  to investigate the range of formal and informal projects and activities on all kinds of scale.

We also looked at existing examples of projects that use digital technology to support sharing and in the context of what has become known as the Sharing Economy

We are currently finalising a publication about the study which we hope will be useful for people involved in sharing projects as well as informing design practices.

This project is led by Professor Ann Light at Northumbria University and funded by the ESPRC Digital Economy Social Sustainability Network.

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